iOS 10: 11 New Features Coming to Your iPhone

Nerd Chloe

August 18, 2017

ios10 features-iPhone 7

The brand new iOS 10 Beta has just been released and the beta testers are loving every second of working on the new operating system. There are many features that have been added that will completely change the way you interact with your iOS Device. Just when you think Apple has done it all, they continue to surprise their consumers and do something even more amazing. Here are 11 iOS 10 features that will keep your iPhone or iPad at your fingertips even longer.

1. More to See on your Lock Screen
The iOS 10 gives you access to a bunch of cool widgets that can be used and opened from the lock screen. You can now check the weather, check your incoming messages and your appointments for the day without unlocking your phone. It’s also fully customizable!

iOS 10 Lock Screen

2. Slide to the Left
Need to snap a selfie really quick without unlocking the phone? After lifting the phone to wake it, now you just have to slide to the left and you can get right to the camera.

Selfies on iOS 10

3. A Remote Control for your Smart Home
As technology gets smarter, it allows us to make our homes even smarter. The Home app now allows you to control your smart device all from one app. So if you have a smart thermostat, door lock, garage opener or smart lights, use the Home App to automate everything!

Smart home remote for apple iOS 10

4. Find Your Car when You’ve Parked with iOS 10
The days where you wander around looking for your car are over. It uses your GPS in order to remember where you parked your car and gives you the full address of the location along with the marker. You can even snap a picture and add notes to the location.

iPhone helps you find your lost car

5. Say goodbye to 3rd Party GIF Apps
Send your favorite GIFs or other artwork via iMessage without using a third-party keyboard. This is because iMessage now searches your favourite GIFs faster than ever before.

Find more Funny GIFs on iPhone

6. Snap selfies via iMessage
Definitely a time-saver! Instead of taking a selfie and then sending it, you can snap a selfie from iMessage and send it to a contact. The menu brings up your camera as well as you camera roll so you don’t even have to quit the app at all.

How to take a proper selfie

7. Welcome to Memories
The photo app now has a tab that is called ‘Memories’. It automatically creates a video of the best moments of a certain time period for you to look back on. This is great for people who have thousands of photos on their phones.

New photo feature iPhone 7

8. People and Places
The photos app also groups together your photos based on the locations you have visited. The facial recognition feature now allows you to scan a face and find photos of that person much faster.

People and places iOS 10

9. Delete the default apps
Finally! You can now delete all the default Apple apps you never use.

Delete main apps on iPhone with iOS 10

10. Clear all notifications
iOS 10 gives you the opportunity to clear all the notifications on your notification panel without having to open them one by one. Another time saver!

Clear notifications on iOS 10

11. Bedtime Bliss
The Bedtime feature will help you track your sleeping cycle so you get more zzz’s in which is great news for your health. It will also wake you up with soothing sounds instead of a noisy alarm.

How to sleep better with iPhone 7 iOS 10