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Does the Blue Light from Our Devices Really Affect Our Sleep?

Posted On: January 4, 2018

Blue light that come from our devices are in much shorter frequencies than those we experience from the sun since they are designed to project bright light. These lights are interpreted by the mind as daylight signals. It is this that causes blue light to affect your sleep, or is it? Keep reading to learn […]

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7 Tips to Taking the Best Selfie

Posted On: December 15, 2017

“Wait, let me take a selfie…” It͛’s a song, seriously. We live in an age of instant gratification and of sharing every moment that happens to us, and selfies for days. Many people will take about 10 of them (if not more) and then post only the one that looks the best. Now there are […]

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History of Text Messaging

Posted On: November 7, 2017

Even though it’s become part of everyday life, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that texting wasn’t such a big deal. Once upon a time, we left the house with no cell phone. Now, however, texting has offered us an efficient way to communicate- whether it’s to alert someone of an emergency, […]

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Rumored iPhone 8 Features

Posted On: November 3, 2017

The iPhone 7 release brought about a great new variety of upgrades and surprising changes that many Apple users could not wait to get hold of. Many of the iPhone 7’s most appreciated changes and additions were: -Extra storage space that many Apple users had craved and longed for -New slick colors; black and jet […]

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Siri, Alexa or Cortana: Who’s Better?

Posted On: October 6, 2017

The 2010s is the age of the virtual assistant and every operating system on smartphones have dedicated their time and effort to make sure theirs is the best one. These virtual assistants literally assist you with anything they ask you to and if they can’t, they have been known to give very sarcastic comments. However, […]

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Should I Buy the New iPhone 7?

Posted On: September 29, 2017

The new iPhone generation has just been released and already the world is drooling over its features. Those who have already fallen in love with Apple’s product would not have thought twice about upgrading, but there are those who are uncertain. What is it that makes the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus so […]

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IoT: Smarticize Your Home with Smart Technology

Posted On: August 25, 2017

Smartphones, Smart Cars and now our Homes are getting smarter. In this dynamic world, the Internet of Things or IoT, is advancing at the speed of light. The goal is to automate everything in your home so that you can control it with the tips of your fingers. This is only the beginning…everything is getting […]

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iOS 10: 11 New Features Coming to Your iPhone

Posted On: August 18, 2017

The brand new iOS 10 Beta has just been released and the beta testers are loving every second of working on the new operating system. There are many features that have been added that will completely change the way you interact with your iOS Device. Just when you think Apple has done it all, they […]

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Is Google Chrome for Me?

Posted On: August 11, 2017

Simple tips to make your installation of Google Chrome better, faster, and to help make you more productive. Google Chrome is now the most popular browser, and with good reason. It’s a powerful, reliable platform with a lot of scope for expansion using extensions. There’s also a lot of opportunities to tweak the browser by accessing […]

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Requesting Tech Help Just got a lot easier…

Posted On: July 14, 2017

We at Nerd Alert are thrilled that our new and improved website is here for all of our long standing clients and those who are interested in having Nerd Alert help them with their tech issues for the first time. The new has been designed specifically for you. We’re very appreciative that some of our […]

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