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Does the Blue Light from Our Devices Really Affect Our Sleep?

Posted On: January 4, 2018

Blue light that come from our devices are in much shorter frequencies than those we experience from the sun since they are designed to project bright light. These lights are interpreted by the mind as daylight signals. It is this that causes blue light to affect your sleep, or is it? Keep reading to learn […]

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8 New Features on Mac OS Sierra

Posted On: December 29, 2017

Mac’s new operating system was announced by Apple in June and if you chose to rely on the keynotes for the highlights then you’ve missed some amazing new features that have been flying under the radar. The update was rolled out officially late September. Siri Steps Up Siri performs as normal when compared to on […]

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What is Ransomware?

Posted On: December 22, 2017

Ransomware infects your computer with malicious software and locks it, demanding a payment to have it unlocked. It encrypts your computer files and scrambled their contents so that you are unable to access it without the decryption key. In order to get the decryption key, though, you must be a ransom fee. Once the ransomware […]

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10 MacBook Pro Touch Bar New Features

Posted On: December 8, 2017

When the MacBook Pro was introduced, Apple focused on the slim design and its light weight. The bigger focus, though, was on the new features, including the Touch ID sensor that replaces the power button, and the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar Just to the left of the Touch ID, you’ll find that the remainder […]

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7 Ways that Technology is Changing our Classrooms

Posted On: December 1, 2017

Technology in our classrooms is changing every year, as more up-to-date computers become available. We may realize that how we learned when we were younger is no longer how our children and grandchildren are being taught. Technology is changing every day as our children and grandchildren learn, so do we. This is especially true as […]

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History of Text Messaging

Posted On: November 7, 2017

Even though it’s become part of everyday life, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that texting wasn’t such a big deal. Once upon a time, we left the house with no cell phone. Now, however, texting has offered us an efficient way to communicate- whether it’s to alert someone of an emergency, […]

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IoT: Smarticize Your Home with Smart Technology

Posted On: August 25, 2017

Smartphones, Smart Cars and now our Homes are getting smarter. In this dynamic world, the Internet of Things or IoT, is advancing at the speed of light. The goal is to automate everything in your home so that you can control it with the tips of your fingers. This is only the beginning…everything is getting […]

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Requesting Tech Help Just got a lot easier…

Posted On: July 14, 2017

We at Nerd Alert are thrilled that our new and improved website is here for all of our long standing clients and those who are interested in having Nerd Alert help them with their tech issues for the first time. The new has been designed specifically for you. We’re very appreciative that some of our […]

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